Do-it-yourself SEO made to keep your website ranked on page one of search engines.

Practical SEO made easy for you.

A Practical Guide to Effective SEO: Learn in-depth search engine tips, tricks and secrets to achieve optimal search engine rankings.

It's time that your website consistently generate greater customer growth and revenue.

What if you could do SEO without hiring a firm or consultant? You can!


82-page PDF,
Illustrative Examples and
SEO Quick Checklist


Plus Printable Guides and
Easy-to-Use SEO Coding Examples


Plus 1-Hour Consultation and
FREE SEO Website Audit

Search engine optimization (SEO) is expensive when hiring firms and consultants. Why pay $1,000s hiring for practical SEO techniques? You can learn to implement the same techniques at a fraction of the cost and time using this eBook.
Save thousands
by not hiring a
SEO firm or consultant.

Who is this book for?

This practical seo guide is primarily written for marketing and technology professionals, and small business owners in need of practical do-it-yourself SEO.

Nothing advanced or too fancy to implement, we discuss 11 easy-to-learn principles and simple website optimization designed to increase search engine rankings and consistently generate greater customer growth and revenue.

Why you should learn SEO?

Because if I give you a fish, you eat for a day, but if I teach you to fish, you eat for a lifetime.

Using illustrated examples, I teach you 11 practical SEO principles as the foundation for long-term SEO success, consistently ranking well across major search engines.

More importantly, you will learn what not to do and what to do in creating and sustaining an optimized website that effectively generates greater customer growth and revenue.

About Alvin Brown

A Practical Guide to Effective SEO Author: Alvin BrownI'm a serial entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in starting and operating a variety of successful online businesses. I love the web, business and SEO with great passion. And when they all collide, I get a rush from helping people and businesses solve technical challenges with affordable, practical, and effective solutions.


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